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25 August 2008
Welcome to the new Randy Divers web site!
We have now moved backed to the good ol' USA and I'm no longer
actively involved in the dive community.
David Caston will be updating his trips with pictures and with new
schedules. If you have questions on upcoming trips please contact
David at and I'm sure he will fill you in.
The History behind Randy Divers
Clown Fish
Diving became a passion of mine in 1991 when my wife and I certified as Open Water divers here
in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. We dived constantly together until 1994 when our daughter Alexis was
born. I lost my dive buddy for awhile so continued on to Dive Master working with local instructors
to get my dive fix! We left the Kingdom in December of 1996 returning to Seattle,Wa. U.S.A.
Diving went on the back shelf as I'm not much of a cold water diver. We returned to Khobar in
January 2002 and after working with a local Instructor (Thank you, Aled Mosford!) I decided to
become an Instructor. I did the Instructor Development Course in Bahrain with Aquatique Divers
in Manama in April 2003 followed by a successful Instructor Exam. So, after 15 or so years of
diving I am now a master scuba diver trainer, enjoying working with students and diving as much
as humanly possible!

P.S. My Daughter has just reminded me that she is now a certified diver ( I certified her  three
days after her 10th birthday in the Red Sea!) So we are once again a diving family!
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