Red Sea In May 2005. Alexis
having a great time on the Reef!
Family Picture! July of 2004. Must
get this updated!
Family Picture! January of 2006. Sandy
would not wait any longer!
Red Sea Diving, Sandy Coming
up from another great dive!
Malaysia January 2005  We took a trip
this year to visit some friends who lived in
KL. This is Bong, Rushka, Sandy and
Alexis at the outdoor flea market.
Alexis Bday 2005 Group of friends at
the beach, beautiful day!
Alexis In a tree, June 2005
ALL the Kids taken way too long ago!
Here are some pictures we thought our
extended family through out the world
would like. We will add pictures on and
off as we go!
Malaysia Alexis doing the barter dealer
Khamis Mushayt IPS school council
traveled to Khamis and fasted for 24 hour to
collect money for Doctors without Borders
Thanksgiving 2005 -Caitlen
and Alexis cuttin up!
Quad Riding at Half Moon Bay
December 2005 - Compound
Christmas party
Thanksgiving 2005 - Kids put
on some  great skits to
entertain us!
School Concert  2005
Christmas 2005 -Me and
Christmas 2005 -Sandy and
Alexis Birthday 2005 - At the
beach sleepover.
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Our travels throughout the Kingdom